HPL Switchgears

Rahul Cableshas been distributing a wide range of HPL Electric Switchgears all over India. These Power Switchgears are made of premium quality material by HPL, a renowned manufacturer of electrical protection equipments. Consistent and sound policies have helped the HPL Group mark a strong presence nationally as well as globally. HPL is committed to the growth and expansion of Brand India.

Through our deliberations in the electrical industry, our company believes that we can actively participate in promoting the cause of brand India. Superior technology, impressive product portfolio and a quality driven attitude have earned HPL an edge over success in this business arena. Its constant growth in the electrical equipments industry has also attracted major international players to collaborate with HPL and work successfully together.

  HPL Products:    
  Switchgears   Socomec HPL Onload Changeover Switch
  Metering   Motorised Changeover
  Lighting   LK HPL Switch Disconnector
  Protection equipments   HRC Fuse
  Socomec HPL Switch Fuse Changeover   Fuse Unit S & F Handle
  Socomec Cubicle Load Break Switch   Fuse Unit Double Break
  Rotary Switch   Fuse Unit Air Break

   HPL Techno MCB   HPL Techno Isolator
  Range: 0.5 to 100 Amps 240/415V   Range: 40, 63, 100 & 125 Amps
  Available in SP, SPN, DP, TP, TPN & FP   Conforms to IS 13947-3
  Breaking capacity 10KA   Available in 2 P, 3P & 4 P version
        Finger touch proof

  HPL Techno Changeover Switch   HPL Techno Auxiliary Switch
  Conforms to IS: 13947/Part III, IEC: 60947 – III   Conforms to IS 13947-3
  Rating: 25 A., 40 A, 63 A   Contact configuration 1 NO + 1 NC
  Choice of 2 Pole & 4 Pole versions   Finger touch proof
  Front Operation with three stable positions I-O-II   Factory fitted assembly