RR Kabels

Rahul Cables is an authorized distributor of RR Kabels’ cables that include Building Wires and Cables, Single/Multi Core Control Cables, Armored/Unarmored Cables, Shielded Cables, Braided Cables used for insulation and sheathing a range of "ROHS" complaint polymers such as HFFR (Halogen Free Flame Retardant), XLPE (Cross Linked Polyethylene), HR-PVC (Heat Resistant PVC - Thermal Rating 105 Degrees Celsius), and FRLS (Flame Retardant Low Smoke PVC).

RR Kabels is known as the first Asian cable manufacturer who have introduced the concentric and compactly laid UNILAY conductor technology. RR Kables manufactures high quality LV/MV Cables using the latest technology made by the world leaders from EUROPE & USA. Electrolytic grade class 1, 2 & 5 Copper Conductors are supplied as per product line.

        Flexible Wires
   RR Kabels Range   House Wires
  Telephone and Switchboard Cables,   Superx
  Co-Axial Cables for CATV Networks   Flamex
  4-Pair UTP CAT 5e and   Unilay
  CAT6 Cable for Computer LAN Network   Firex

Industrial Wires

Armored Cable
Heavy Duty Performance & Offers the best combination of safety, efficiency and economy
  Single Core Cables   FR + HR 105°C Cable
  Multi Core Cables   Greater current-carrying capacity offers economy of wire-gauge
  LAN Cables   Higher Short Term and Long Term temperature ratings
  Coaxial Cables   No overhauling or melting
  Submersible Cables      


    HR 105°C Single Core Unsheathed Copper Cables

  India's 1st Heat Resistance PVC Cables.   Single Core flexible tri-rated cable
  Greater current-carrying capacity offers economy of wire-gauge.   Super flexibility to grades H05V-K and H07V-K
  Higher Short-Term and Long-term temperature rating.   Ideal for use in control panel boards
  No overheating or melting.   Available with 105°C Insulation
  Steam and boiling water resistant.      


    Multicore Flexible Cable for Appliances & Machine Tools

Compact construction reduces weight per meter.
Rugged yet flexible for industrial use.
High temperature insulation.


    4-Pair UTP CAT 5e and CAT6 Cable for Computer LAN Network

High bit rates over extended distances.
Ideal for use in structured cabling.
Available in snarl-free pack of 305 meters & 100 meters.
Import substitution product.

Telephone and Switchboard Cables

Low attenuation.
Minimized cross talk.
Flame retardant jacket.
Co-Axial Cables for CATV Networks

High quality Co-axial cable for Cable TV network.
Low loss of signal quality.
Wide band of frequencies due to low attenuation values.
Higher bandwidth, more number of CATV channels.
Better clarity of transmission with lesser weight.