CATV Co Axial Cables

Used extensively in cable TV and computer networking operations, the Havells CO-Axial Cables are known for their highest quality standard. The multiple features of the co-axial cables include reliable, safe, fire retardant, fire resistant, lead & halogen free and non-toxic. We have always raised the bar with our technological innovations and are one of the largest cable manufacturers in India. We develop all our cables at an eco-friendly facility. TV and cable are two of the most basic requirements for any household and providing people with long lasting wires that give them high quality picture anytime and are not affected by the weather is our motto. Built with the best materials, the Havells wires meet all the required international standards. Built in India, these cables are the perfect partner for your electrical appliances. Run your machines smoothly with the wires that pack reliability, sustainability and adaptability in them. Get varieties of wires in different ranges on the Havells online store