The power instability in developing countries along with changing modern lifestyle creates a need for alternative power sources such as gen-sets to back-up the utility supply. Most residential and commercial complexes today go for automatic solutions to meet 24 x 7 power. Havells offering its wide range of MCB Changeovers and compact Automatic Changeover solutions to meet the ever-changing requirements. These devices overcome the disadvantages of manual changeovers such as increased downtime, disruption in key activities as well as possible damage of expensive equipment, human error, accidents etc. In addition, ACCL devices also offer current limiting function, thereby ensuring proper rationalization of generator power between multiple users. With these inherent strengths along-with a host of user-friendly features, Havells Automatic Changeover devices have proven to be strong and effective power distribution management tools for all sectors. Time switches are used in residential, commercial and industrial premises to improve comfort and save energy by switching loads automatically as per real time. Havells offers a variety of time switches to precisely meet the requirements of different applications. The range offers several feature benefits such as different options of minimum switching time, internal battery to enable the timing function in case of power failure, daily and weekly versions, simple and compact design.