Data & Communication Cables

This category of the product ensures absolute disturbance-free data transfer in medicine, traffic control, machine tools in steel industries, food processing industries and any such areas. Data and communication cables are made as per VDE standards and are used for special data transmission and communication purpose. These include PVC flexible cable – LiYY which is used for free movement without tensile stress. These cables are also available with optimum braid screen of tinned copper called ‘LiYCY’ which substantially reduces the effect of electromagnetic interference.

These cables are also available as twisted pairs as LiYY (TP) and LiYCY (TP). Li2Y(St)CY (TP) is a data cable specially designed for MODBUS application. It is suitable for serial communication, RS 422 and RS 485 interfaces. It forms an integral part of the SCADA system. We also offer cable for 100-ohms as well as 120-ohms system. For correct communication between numerous devices of an automation system PROFIBUS network is used. RR Kabel has PROcess FIeld BUS cable specially designed for such decentralized field systems. The cable is impedance to 150-ohms from 3 to 20 MHz.