Heat Resistant Flame Retardant with Lifeline Plus S3

S3 safety at its best with the Flame Resistant and Heat retardant Cables With a suitable to bear temperature up to 85 degree Celsius along with flame retardant and heat resistant properties, Havells flexible cables offer better insulation and are capable of carrying higher current and ensure better electrical and mechanical performance at higher temperature. Providing high level of safety, reliability and energy efficiency with S3, flexible cables are an essential requirement of any modern home. We offer two different size options in this cable category, 90 m & 180 m. All these cables are made to suit different requirements and are available in 6.0 SQ. mm, 4.0 SQ. mm , 2.5 SQ. mm , 1.5 SQ. mm , 1 SQ. mm , 0.75 SQ. mm and 0.5 SQ. mm . These are beyond question the best cables for India and owing to their properties, are flame retardant, do not heat and provide continuous power supply. To purchase these marvels of modern technology, all you need to is go to the Havells online shop and make your pick. Read all the features in detail and order what you need to be delivered wherever you want.