LAN Cables

Great internet speeds bound to come by with Flexible LAN CablesInternet is the world's platform for all day to day activities and a good LAN speed is the ultimate happiness goal. With the smartly designed Havells LAN Cables keeping the best quality standards and ethical procedures in place, the result is undoubtedly par excellence. The flexible LAN cables are fire retardant, safe & economical and provide unmatched performance. Now enjoy great internet speeds with the trust of Havells. Along with this, another added benefit with is that you can buy these wires online. Choose from a variety of cables and get delivered to your home the best quality without any hassle. Enjoy interruption free internet 24x7 with unmatchable speed. These cables are made according to different needs of the consumers and therefore, will assist you in all your tasks. They are available in cat 5e & cat 6 sizes and come with a separator. The range of LAN wires is available on the Havells shop for the best price.